VA Tiered Systems of Support (VTSS)

Central Elementary School's Behavior Matrix

Be Safe - Be Considerate - Be Responsible

All Settings

Learning Environment







(Protection from harm)

*Keep your body to yourself

*Wash your hands


*Stay home when you’re sick

*Sit down at your desk quietly and wait for directions

*Ask for permission before leaving your seat

*Visit approved websites when using your Chromebook

*Sit, and stay seated, in your assigned seat

*Keep feet out of the aisle

*Tell the bus driver if there is a problem

*Throw trash in the trash can

*Keep water in the sink while washing your hands


*Stay seated and facing your table

*Use utensils appropriately

*Empty your tray/trash when asked

*Only eat your food

*Watch out for others

*Only climb allowed equipment

*Leave sticks on the ground

*Make sure the swing has stopped before you get off



(Think about others’ feelings)

*Use kind words and actions

*Speak up and speak clearly

*Ask before helping

*Clean up after yourself

*Listen when others are speaking

*Raise your hand to speak

*Work quietly

*Use a quiet voice

*Flush the toilet

*Turn the water off when you’re finished

*Use a quiet voice

*Clean up after yourself 

*Maintain appropriate voice level

*Use appropriate words and actions

*Use manners while eating and ordering

*Include others

*Leave cones and other maintenance equipment alone



(Do what you are expected to do)

*Listen for and follow directions the first time

*Be accountable for your words and actions

*Tell the truth, always

*Have your materials with you at all times

*Do your best work and give your best effort

*Complete assignments on time

*Charge your computer every night and bring it to school every day

*Be on time to your stop

*Pay attention and be ready to get off the bus

*Tell an adult if there is a problem or more materials are needed

*Only put toilet paper in the toilet

*Go to the restroom only if you need to go

*Clean up after yourself 

*Tell an adult if you need help cleaning up a big mess

*Empty your tray/trash when asked

*Follow all playground rules

*Listen for line up signals

*Get help when needed


*Use a kind and quiet voice

*Have materials with you and ready for learning

*Have students packed and ready to leave before dismissal

*Ensure silent dismissal procedures are followed

*Clean up after yourself

*Monitor your students through the lunch line and the duration of the period 

*Work together with other adults to maintain safety and volume

*Spread out for supervision

Updated Spring, 2022

The Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports (VTSS) is a data-informed decision making framework for establishing the academic, behavioral and social-emotional supports needed for a school to be an effective learning environment for all students.

The VTSS systemic approach allows divisions, schools and communities to provide multiple levels of supports to students in a more effective and efficient, clearly defined process. Implementing  VTSS requires the use of evidence-based, system-wide practices with fidelity to provide a quick response to academic, behavioral, social and emotional needs. The practices are progress-monitored frequently to enable educators to make sound, data-based instructional decisions for students.

VTSS Venn Diagram

VTSS functions under the anchor process of integrating data, practices and systems to affect outcomes. The essential elements of an effective VTSS framework are:

  • Aligned Organizational Structure
  • Data Informed Decision-Making
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Family, School and Community Partnerships
  • Monitoring Student Progress
  • Evaluation of Outcomes and Fidelity

For more information about the Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports, please visit the VTSS website.