Reading Olympics

CONGRATULATIONS to the CES Reading Olympics Winners!



Books, magazines, comics, articles, and more!
Read alone
Read aloud to someone
Someone can read to you
Listen to an audiobook
Listen to a story online
Read before, during, or after school!

On the calendar: Write down the number of minutes you read on that day.
Great option: At the end of the week, use QR code to share weekly total! Simply hold your camera phone over the QR code and it will show you a link.
For families reading together - all children involved can record minutes on his/her calendar!

REACH for the stars!
Set a goal for yourself every day, every week, or for the month and work towards it!
See how much fun you can have while reading! See if you can read a little more every day!



30 mins a day/5 days = 150 mins per week = 600 minutes total!



20 mins a day/5 days= 100 mins per week = 400 minutes total!


15 mins a day/5 days = 75 mins per week = 300 minutes total!

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Fairchild: [email protected] or Text (434)515-2407