Discipline Policies

Educational research suggests that the most important contributor to student achievement is a focused academic environment, free from disruptions. The faculty and staff of Central subscribe to this philosophy, supporting high expectations for student behavior. General school rules include the following:

  1. Respect the property and rights of others.
  2. Follow adult directions the first time they are given to you.
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  4. Refrain from abusive language, cruel teasing, and any form of harassment at all times.
  5. Walk quietly in the hallways.

In addition, each classroom teacher has an individual classroom discipline plan, which includes these general rules and others, which are specific to the needs of the individual classroom. Classroom discipline plans also incorporate rewards and consequences for infractions. General consequences, which are accrued on a daily basis, include:

  1. First infraction - warning
  2. Second infraction - time out
  3. Third infraction - loss of a privilege
  4. Fourth infraction - notification of parents
  5. Fifth infraction - referral to principal

Some infractions are severe or disruptive in nature and warrant immediate intervention from the office. These infractions include:

  1. Fighting
  2. Possession of weapons/facsimiles
  3. Possession of tobacco/alcohol
  4. Destruction of school property

In the event a student is referred to the office, students may receive consequences. Consequences include but are not limited to:

  1. Conference and problem-solving plan completed with principal or counselor.
  2. Parent phone call or letter.
  3. Timeout in the office.
  4. Silent lunch
  5. Parent conference.
  6. After-school detention
  7. In-school suspension
  8. Overnight suspension (Requires a parent conference with the Principal)
  9. Out of School Suspension.

**If a student inflicts bodily injury to another person or is in possession of weapons or facsimiles, he/she faces immediate suspension from school.


When any student injures, destroys, or defaces any school property, the student or his/her parent or guardian is required to pay the cost of the property damaged or destroyed. In addition, the student is subject to whatever disciplinary action is deemed necessary and advisable by the principal