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Mrs. Procopio

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Smart Start


Welcome to Smart Start 2016-17! I am so excited to be starting a new school year.  In Smart Start we will work on all the things your child needs to be ready for Kindergarten. Your child will be learning to love BOOKS! Your child will learn prereading, prewriting, and premath skills.  Your child will learn how to be a be a good listener, speaker, and a good friend. BUT...the most important thing I want your child to learn is that school is a place where they have a lot of fun, are loved and safe, a great place to spend their days. I look forward to working with you to make this a terrific school year!

Our full-time Instructional Assistant teacher is Mrs. Penny Austin.  




  1. A regular (not toddler) sized backpack
  2. A change of clothes
  3. A crib sheet to cover the nap mat (used is fine)
  4. Something to snuggle with at nap time such as a small stuffed animal and a small pillow if desired

Crayons, pencils, paper, scissors and other school supplies will be provided at school.


Please consider donating:

Clorox or Lysol wipes

Baby wipes

Sandwich, quart, and gallon ziplock bags

Paper towels


Daily Schedule 

 8:40-9:05 Bus arrival, unpack and morning routines, morning table activities

9:05 Pledge, Moment of Silence, Morning Announcements

9:10-9:35 Breakfast 

9:40-11:00 Calendar, Story time, Centers, Small group activities

11:00-11:30 Recess Water break and hand washing

 11:30-12:00 Resource

12:00-12:30 LUNCH

12:30-1:15 Al's Pals, Computer Lab, whole and small group activities (Mrs. Austin's lunch 12:45-1:15)

1:15-1:45 Recess

1:45-2:10 Afternoon story time, bathroom/water break

2:15-3:10 Nap time, planning and paperwork time for Procopio and Austin

3:10-3:40 Nap clean up, pack for home, snack, daily review

3:40 Depart for cafeteria for afternoon bus and car rider dismissal

3:45 Dismissal


Resource Schedule 3 week Rotation

Week 1:

 Monday: P.E.

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Art

Friday: Library 

Week 2

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Library

Friday: Art

Week 3

Monday: Library

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: Guidance


Parent Communication

 Students will have an agenda/calendar that will come home every day except Friday.  In it I will let you know how your child's day has been and about any important things coming up. You will initial that you have seen the agenda and can also write to me. A blue folder will also come home every day with completed work, newsletters, menus and homework assignments. Please don't forget to send the agenda and forlder back to school each day.

I use a group texting app called Remind to send out announcements and reminders. To join our class on Remind please text: @sharipr    to the number: 81010



Once they adjust to being at school each day Smart Start students will bring home a book in a baggie each night

for a family member to snuggle, read and discuss. A reading log will be sent for the family member to sign. Studies show children who are read to regularly have larger vocabularies, better oral language and learn prereading concepts easier.

When we begin studying the letters and sounds of the alphabet, students will begin bringing home “Letter Logs” each night to practice writing the letter being studied that week.

Students will also bring home activities to practice math concepts being learned in class.


Topics of Study

Our first theme will be Welcome To School.

Our first skills to study will be colors, shapes, name recognition and name writing.


Please don't hesitate to contact me at 946-9700,, or by note if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you and your child!






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