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Welcome to Kindergarten!

My name is Ms. Murphy and I LOVE teaching kindergarten. I have experience with students from preschool all the way to college and kindergarten and where I LOVE to be!


If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach me at or at (434) 946-9700.



“I think the reason why I am who I am today is because I went through those tough times when I was younger.”

– LeBron James


Behavior Plan

In our classroom, we use a clip chart. Students will receive or lose points at the end of each day depending on where their clip falls on the chart.

Purple (Outstanding) = +4 points

Pink (Great Day)= +3 points

Blue (Good Day)= +2 points

Green (Ready to Learn)= +1 point

Yellow (Stop and Think) = 0 points

Orange (Teacher's Choice)= -1 points

Red (Parent Contact) = -2 points


Here are some great websites to practice math and reading at home. Please keep in mind that these sites are not created or monitored by the school. Keep an eye on your child as it is possible for them to accidently venture onto another site.

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Stay Engaged

Show Your Child That You Care

Have a conversation with your child about school and homework regularly. Ask specific questions that inform you about your child’s day. Know what classes your child is taking, who your child’s friends are, and other essential information.

Keep In Touch With The School

Get to know your child’s teachers, principal, counselors and school’s parent involvement coordinator. Make it a point to stay in contact with them throughout the school year.

Express High Educational Expectations

Encourage your child to take challenging courses and monitor your child’s academic performance (homework, grades, and test scores) throughout the year. Emphasize effort and achievement.

Attend School Meetings, Functions & Events

Make time to attend parent-teacher conferences, parent fairs, curriculum nights, award ceremonies and other school events. Your attendance and support matters to your child.

Seek Out Information

Request a meeting with your child’s teacher regarding any aspect of your child’s education. If you have other questions, ask the school by calling or sending a note so they can link you with the appropriate person who can respond to your needs.

Be An Active Part of Decision Making Committees

Participate in parent or school leadership organizations. Ask your school about the Parent Teacher Association or Parent Teacher Organization, school council, parent advisory committee or other parent organizations and then join one.

Make School Important

Talk positively about school with your child. Send your child prepared for school each day with pens, pencils, notebooks, and homework completed. Make school a priority by ensuring they are at school every day and arrive on time.

Be Seen At School

Arrange a visit to your child’s classroom, have lunch with your child at school, or visit the Parent Center. Your presence matters and shows the school that you are invested in your child’s education.

Be Informed and Responsive

Ask, collect, read, and respond, if needed, to all information (school policies, field trip information, student handbook, etc.) that is sent from your child’s school or teacher. If you need to receive information in a language other than English, call or visit the school.

Participate in Workshops

Look for great opportunities to meet other parents at school through workshops that cover topics such as child development, school standards, and other shared parent concerns. If workshops are not offered regularly, help plan one or suggest ideas to your school counselors or parent involvement coordinator.

Provide a Rich Learning Environment at Home

Make time for meaningful dinner conversations, trips, games, reading time, family sports, and daily routines. Activities like these will contribute to your child’s academic achievement at school.

Partner With The Community

Encourage local businesses, churches, clubs or civic organizations that you are involved with to volunteer or financially support the school. Have community partners provide schools and families with information about services and resources they provide that support student learning such as mentoring, tutoring, and service learning activities. 


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