Central Elementary is pictured. Central Elementary is pictured.

Summer School July 30-August 3rd

Mr. Derek Adam and Mr. Matt Giles will be overseeing the summer programs being held at Central Elemntary for rising students in grade 1st through 8th grade. Information regarding transportation will be coming mid July. Thank you in advance for your patience. Sumemr School program hours will be 8:00AM to 2:30PM Monday through Friday.. 

School Supply List for CES has been updated

Safety and Security in Amherst County Public Schools

Cellular Phones & Devices

In our Parent/Student Handbook,  which is in the front of your child’s agenda, there is information regarding technology devices. Included in this information, it states that students should not bring cell phones to school. However, there is a new regulation for Amherst County Public Schools that states:

Fidget Spinners

Let it be known that fidget spinners are considered toys at CES. Toys are not permitted in classrooms. There are other more appropriate methods to refocus student attention during instruction. Please seek guidance directly from Ms. Smith if you have questions or concerns.

CES Accreditation Information

Need school bus information?

Simply go to the link below and type in your address. It will tell bus routes, pick-up and drop-off times.


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