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Mindfulness AT CES

MindUp Lessons

Mindfulness programs support schools in meeting National School Climate Standards. A positive, safe and supportive school environment is critical to students’ social, emotional and academic development. Mind Up engages students in community-building and conflict-resolution skills in order to reduce incidents of physical violence and bullying, create a cooperative and supportive classroom environment, and enhance overall student performance. 

Mindfulness programs support the five social and emotional learning competencies identified by the the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL): self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. The MindUp curriculum and activities promote the development of these competencies as well as the foundational skill of mindful awareness.

Lessons for this semester are as follows:

Unit I: Getting Focused - Introduce brain physiology and the concept of mindful attention; establish daily Core Practice

1. How Our Brains Work (Aug. 27, 2018)

2. Mindful Awareness (Sept. 10, 2018)

3. Focused Awareness: The Core Practice (Sept. 24, 2018)

Unit II: Sharpening Your Senses - Experience the relationship between our senses, our moving bodies, and the way we think

4. Mindful Listening (Oct. 10, 2018)

5. Mindful Seeing (Oct. 22, 2018)

6. Mindful Smelling (Nov. 12, 2018)

7. Mindful Tasting (Nov. 26, 2018)

8. Mindful Movement I (Dec. 10, 2018)

9. Mindful Movement II (Jan. 7, 2019)


Announcements from Mindful Mountain Yoga

  • Sweet Briar special!!! Anybody with an SBC ID who follows @mindfulmtnyoga on Instagram or Twitter will receive 25% off drop-in classes.
  • On Tuesdays we have our continuing Mindfulness Breath & Movement classes at Central Elementary School at 4:30 pm.           All staff and interested parents are invited to attend thesefree classes. 
  • We are looking forward to new classes for our local Intellectually Disabled community starting soon.

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