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Cellular Phones & Devices

In our Parent/Student Handbook,  which is in the front of your child’s agenda, there is information regarding technology devices. Included in this information, it states that students should not bring cell phones to school. However, there is a new regulation for Amherst County Public Schools that states:

Cellular phones may be used by students being transported on ACPS buses and vans. Students may use their phones to send text messages, access social media, access the internet, listen to music, or to watch videos. Students are required to utilize earbuds or headphones when viewing videos or listening to music. Students are not allowed to make phone calls, record images or sound, or take pictures. All content being accessed must be within the guidelines of the ACPS acceptable use policy. Students must not wear earbuds of headphones while boarding or disembarking the school bus or while crossing the road in front of the school bus.

This regulation will go into effect February 5. Please know that Central Elementary cannot be responsible for phones/devices if you decide to allow your children to participate. They may not use these during the school day. Thanks so much for your understanding!

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