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Morning Arrival & Teacher Planning Times

For the first 2 weeks of school we will be understanding and allow parents/guardians to walk students down to their homeroom.  We ask that you do not try to engage the teachers in long conversations, as they are responsible for supervising children and it is busy time during morning homeroom.  After August 25th, parents are asked not to go past the Front Office.  If you need to speak with a teacher please call them afterschool or during their planning time. Teacher Planning times are listed below:


1st Grade  9:10-9:55
4th Grade  9:55-10:40
Kindergarten  10:45-11:30
PreK  11:30-12:00

2nd Grade 1:00-1:45

3rd Grade   1:45- 2:30
5th Grade  2:50-3:35


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