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Ms. Nancy Johnson

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Library Skills

News from the Library

WELCOME BACK to school and our new school year!

I am so excited for a new year here at CES!  Our school theme is Superheroes and it will be in the library as well.  I am slooking forward to seeing all of my students and working with them in the library.

First graders on up to fifth graders will check out books on their library day during the second week of school after we have reminder lessons on book care and how to be good patrons of the library.  Everyone including preschool, Smart Start, and Kindergartners will all be getting lessons on how to care for books and what borrowing means as well, but will check out a later date.

I hope everyone has a great first week back and I look forward to seeing you all!  Book Fair is coming in early September.  If you are interested in helping in the library, please contact me or Ms. Smith to let us know!

Thank you and remember to read everyday!

Ms. Johnson, Library Media Specialist

Central Elementary School

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