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Ms. Nolan

434-528-6499, voice mail 29822
Classes Taught: 
math, language arts, social skills, functional skills


Ms. Nolan’s Class

Welcome to Ms. Nolan’s class!  I serve students with autism in kindergarten through second grade.

Supports and services are individualized and based on students’ needs.

 Four paraprofessionals work with me to support students.  They are:

  • Katherine Moses
  • Sondra Harris
  • Jen Harris,
  •  Donna Tomlin

Related service providers are:

  • Cindy Mikesell-speech therapist
  • Colleen Fletcher-occupational therapist


Class Requirements


Class Rules:

  • Have a calm body.
  • Be nice to friends.
  • Use a quiet voice.



Progress on I.E.P. goals is reported every 4 ½ weeks on interim reports. 

Class Routines

Each student has a daily routine to follow which is based on needed supports and services.

Absences and Make-Up Work

Make-up work will be sent home on a case by case basis.

Topics of Study

Instruction is provided on I.E.P. goals.





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