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Mrs. Bryant


Welcome! I will be teaching and supporting your son/daughter based on individual needs in second and fifth grade for the 2018-2019 school year. I look forward to a productive year as always. Together we can succeed!

1. Class Requirements:

-Be responsible for you

-Treat others with respect

-Can't is not a choice

-Always do your best

-School and personal property are to be left as found

2. Grading:

The Amherst County Grading Scale is used in all content areas. Complete all assignments to the best of your ability and on time. Please convey to your homeroom teacher and myself if there are conflicts or confusion with homework assignments. We want to work with you for your son’s/daughter’s success!    

In addition, I will be sending home interim reports halfway through each 9 weeks to let you know how your child is doing.  A formal IEP progress report is also sent home every 9 weeks so you will know how your child is progressing according to his/her specific IEP goals/objectives. All reports are sent home in the same envelope that the report card will be in. Please keep these IEP progress reports and interims for your records.

3. Class Routines:

Your son/daughter is expected to follow daily routines outlined by his/her content teacher. There are weekly homework assignments noted in a newsletter sent out by the content teachers. We will relay additional information through the agenda, based on individual needs.

4. Absences & Make-up Work:

Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to complete make-up work. All work must be completed in a timely fashion. Please communicate any upcoming absences in advance and in the morning so that we can gather materials to send home for your son/daughter within an appropriate time frame. We want to work with you for your son’s/daughter’s success!

5. Topics:

Please visit your son’s/daughter’s teacher’s webpage to find specific SOLs being addressed for each content area for the 9 weeks. The ACPS pacing guide for each grade level can be found on the ACPS webpage as well as specific SOL s/resources on the Virginia Department of Education link.



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