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Mrs. Spicer

Classes Taught: 
1st Grade

Welcome to my page.  I am Christine Spicer and I am beginning my seventeenth year of teaching at Central Elementary School.  I taught fifth grade for ten years and was an Instructional Coach for three years.  As a coach, I was able to work with teachers and students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade.  This will be my fourth year teaching first grade.  Prior to teaching here I taught one year of fourth grade in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

I grew up in Silver Spring, MD near Washington, D. C.  I often go home to visit family, which is now spread to the western counties of Maryland.  I also have family in North Carolina, whom we visit as well.  I attended Greensboro College in North Carolina where I majored in Elementary Education.  I completed my Masters of Education in Reading at Lynchburg College in August of 2013.

Outside of school I love being a mom.  Our life consists of lots of church activities, cheerleading, soccer, FFA, and basketball.  My daughters will enter 2nd, 5th and 8th grade.  We love living in the town of Amherst.  We love being here in town close to so many fabulous people.  When I can squeeze in time for relaxation I enjoy scrapbooking, reading, and gardening.

I am excited to start a new year here at Central.  We, as a first grade team, have lots of exciting topics of study and fieldtrips planned to further your enjoyment.  I look forward to getting to know you and your families as we travel through a marvelous year of learning together.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.  If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact via the phone at 946-9700 or via email at

Welcome to First Grade!

       An exciting year awaits you! I cannot wait to meet you and your families.  Please arrive in the classroom between 8:40 and 8:55 am.  Arriving before 9:00 am will keep you from being considered tardy and allow you ample time to unpack your belongings.

Class Requirements

School Supplies:

  1. Book bag/Backpack (1)
  2. Change of clothes (1)
  3. Crayons (2 boxes of 24)
  4. Erasers (1 pack of pencil top and 1 large pink)
  5. Glue Sticks (12)
  6. Hand Sanitizer (1)
  7. Highlighter (1)
  8. Marble Composition Books (5)
  9. Pencils #2 (2 boxes of 12)
  10. Pencil Box/Pouch (1)
  11. Pocket Folders (3)
  12. Scissors (1 pair Fisker)
  13. Tissues Boxes (2)
  14. Dry erase markers
  15. Disinfecting wipes


First Grade Rules and Expectations:

1.     Be in class on time and have all materials ready.

2.    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3.    Listen to directions the first time they are given.

4.    Use appropriate and polite language.

5.    Always do your BEST!


If you choose to meet the above expectations:

      *Positive classroom behavior will be recognized with:

·         Praise (written and/or orally)

·         Stickers

·         Caught Being Good Tickets – tickets will be placed into a jar for periodic prize drawings

·         Tree of Goodness

·         Good Office Referrals

·         Free time

·         Special treats



If you choose NOT to meet the above expectations:

Students will have a pocket with colored cards as a visual representation of their behavior.  Every day each student will start out on the green card and then the cards will be changed as needed based on displayed behaviors.  The initial consequence will be a time out allowing the child to refocus.  Other consequences might be used based on the child’s individual needs.

Green Card: Good to Go

Yellow Card: Warning

Orange Card: Student has earned a consequence.

Consequence options:

  • Time out
  • Silent lunch
  • Laps at recess
  • Phone call to parent(s)
  • other based on student need

Hot Pink Card: Office referral


**Severe disruptions: Student sent immediately to office.

**Teachers reserve the right to disqualify students from attending field trips based on their misbehavior.


Students will have a behavior chart in their agenda for parents to sign each night.

First Grade Grading Procedures

Grading Scale and Report Cards

     First grade’s grading scale does not use letter grades (A, B, C, etc.) as the upper grades do. Instead, the grading system uses the terms such as: satisfactory (S), progressing (P), and needs improvement (N). These terms help notify you of how your child is learning new concepts throughout the year.

     The term satisfactory means the student is showing mastery of a concept.  The term progressing usually means the student is showing understanding but may need more practice to reach mastery.  Needs improvement means the student is not showing mastery or complete understanding of a concept.

     Your child will bring home a report card at the end of every 9 week period.  The report card will be enclosed in an envelope.  Please look carefully at your child’s report card to see areas of strength and areas that need improvement.  Please sign the envelope to verify that you have read the report card.  Return the envelope and report card back to school.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



Our Class Routines

Start of the Day Routine

  • NEW POLICY SCHOOLWIDE **All students will receive breakfast at school so please come straight to our classroom.

In their classroom:

Students will quietly eat breakfast.

Students will quietly unpack and turn in agendas, homework, and/or Monday Folders in the correct basket.  They will also change their Daily Readers in their Daily Reader Folder.

When students finish unpacking, they are expected to begin their morning work and then read silently until instruction begins.

End of the Day Routine

Students who are car riders or early buses pack book bags, stack chairs and wait quietly to be called to the cafeteria or bus line.

Students who ride the later buses remain at desks and read silently. 

They will pack book bags and stack chairs before the late buses are called.


Homework Completion

Homework Policy


Reading (Daily Reader Folder)

Word Study

Sight Words


Reading (Daily Reader Folder)

Word Study

Sight Words

Math Sheet


Reading (Daily Reader Folder)

Word Study

Sight Words


Reading (Daily Reader Folder)

Word Study

Sight Words

Math Sheet


ALL homework is due

Reading (Daily Reader Folder)

No other Homework! Enjoy your weekend!

* Please check and sign agendas every night.

*Every day students will bring home their Daily Reader Folder containing 1 – 2 books on their reading level and reading logs.  Please read with your child every night and sign/initial the reading logs.

*Every Monday students will bring home a homework folder that contains their directions, journal to complete word study and reading assignments, word study list, and math sheet*

*ALL homework will be due on Friday. Please make sure your child turns in the entire folder with items that need to be collected. *

Snack time

We will also have a daily snack time during the afternoon. Please pack a small snack for your child every day.  Plastic water bottles are allowed in class, but it must have a lid.

Weekly Newsletter

Please refer to the weekly newsletter in order to review current topics and SOL's we are learning.  The newsletter will also address any major school events as well as contain the specials’ schedule for that week.

Absences and Make-up Work

     Each student has his/her own “mailbox” in the classroom. This is a place where important papers, folders, agendas, completed work, and incomplete work is placed. All make-up work from a student’s absence will be placed there. The work will be brought home to complete.  Students are to return their make-up work within five days of returning from their absence. Make-up work can also be picked up in the office upon request.  Please contact the office by 9:30 am if you want to pick up your child’s work at the end of the day (3:45).   Requests made after 9:30 am will be ready the next school day.

Topics of Study

Please refer to the weekly newsletter for the most up to date topics of study.  Also included is a link to the county pacing guides:



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