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Ms Peck

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Classes Taught: 

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your child's life this year.  I look forward to getting to you and your child.  This year, the students and I will have an exciting and enriching time in Math together!  

Feel free to contact me as often as you need to with questions or concerns. If I am unable to contact you by phone, I will write notes or staple notes into agendas as well. Please check your child’s agenda nightly for homework assignments and/or notes and notifications.



Students will write their homework down in their agendas first thing each morning or during each class. They are responsible for writing down complete explanations of assignments. I will check agendas each afternoon before dismissal to ensure that homework assignments have been written down completely. At that time, I will either place a sticker or initial the agenda. If you do not see either of those, you will know that your child has not brought me his/her agenda to be checked for accuracy.


Homeroom Student Schedule & Teacher Information:

8:40-9:05  Homeroom

9:05-10:35  Science/history/Writing (Ms. Tomlin)

10:35-11:05  Intervention/Enrichment

                     Mon. & Tues. - Reading

                     Wed. & Thur. - Math

                     Friday- Science or Enrichment

11:10-12:35  Reading (Mrs. Hagerty)

12:35-1:00  Lunch

1:00-2:30  Math

2:30-2:50  Recess

2:50-3:35  Resource (see schedule attached below)

3:35 Pack Up For Dismissal


Monday Folders:

Students will bring a folder home each Monday with their work from the previous week enclosed. This includes any class work that has been completed and homework. Please remove all of the work unless otherwise indicated and return the folder on Tuesday.

Behavior Plan:

Our behavior plan is built upon consistency. Your child starts out with a clean slate each day. We use a clipboard for each homeroom class that travels with the class. Consequences for unwise decisions will depend on the number and severity of the undesired behaviors. There will be consequences for daily occurrences as well as consequences on Friday for cumulative occurrences. If a student has a number of marks on the clipboard on any given day, I will make a phone call to discuss with you strategies that we can use to improve behavior and chances of academic success. More information about our behavior plan will be discussed at Open House.  I expect for each student to:

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Follow Directions

Together, we can make sure your child has a safe and productive learning environment.


File Uploads: 

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