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Student Hours, Generally, are 8:30-3:45

            With staff workdays beginning at 8:30, it is important for students to arrive after 8:30 so that proper supervision can be provided.  Parents are asked to stay with students outside if they arrive before 8:30 except when tutoring or another special program has been arranged in advance that requires arrival before 8:30.  Parents are asked NOT to drop students off to enter the building before 8:30.


Car Riders’ Parent Routines

            Thanks to all CES car riders’ parents!  By not parking in the drop off zone, by travelling SLOWLY in the drop off zone, and by dropping students off by 8:40 if they intend to eat breakfast at school, parents are helping the day to start smoothly for everyone.  By the same token, afternoon routines are also working well for parents who come in, sign children out, and exit through the back of the cafeteria, and for those in the pickup area outside.  THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FROM YOUR PRINCIPAL AND BUS DUTY STAFF!     



            Central Elementary office staff, bus duty personnel, bus drivers, and car rider personnel work hard to act as gatekeepers for the building and for transportation.  Parents can help staff to keep children on steady routines as well as to ensure safety by meeting the bus on time, notifying the school in advance of extra individuals who may meet, pick up, or have lunch with their children.  In addition, checking in for a visitor badge and communicating with office staff before going anywhere beyond the office, providing written notice when bus passes are requested, and taking care of background checks before volunteering for school events are important supports to partnering with the school for all children’s safety. 

January 2014 Newsletter




CES Happenings


 Central Elementary School



Calendar of Events

February, 2014

5                                 Interim Reports go Home

10-14                         Grade 2 Stanford 10 Testing

11                              4:00-6:30 Conferences, Math Demos, Hot Dogs

19                              New Teacher Induction Meeting

24                               Inclement Weather Make up; School in Session

26                               1:00 PM - Theater IV Performance at CES:  Stuart Little


March, 2014

 14 Report Cards go Home

18 6:00-7:00 Musical Performance, Grades 2 and 3

19 Writing SOL, Grade 5, Multiple Choice

20 Awards Assemblies:  9:20-9:50 PK, KG, Gr. 1; 10:00-10:30 Gr. 2-3; 11:15-11:45 Gr. 4-5;

21 Writing SOL, Grade 5, Short Paper

25 Spring and Class Pictures