A Sign that says: Throw kindness around like confetti. Students and faculty at CES are pictured Students and Ms Smith are pictured during Constitution Week Students and faculty at CES are pictured Students and faculty at CES are pictured


The archery tournament for Saturday, Jan 7th at Sweet Briar College has been cancelled and reschedule for Saturday, January 14th with the same flight times. 


ACPS Technology Survey

The ACPS Technology Department was created to help facilitate technology in the classrooms of Amherst County. They take pride in our technology. They don't just deploy technology for the sake of technology. They evaluate and balance current and cutting edge technology with student goals and achievements.

CES Accreditation Information

Virginia Repertory Theater Performance

The children of CES got a treat yesterday when the Virginia Repertory Theatre came to present "The Princess and the Pea". This beloved Hans Christian Andersen tale came to life in a funny musical that the children loved. It also implemented great SOL connections to: Folk Tales, Language Arts, Literary Classic, History, and Science.

PTO Meeting Monday, December 12th at 5:30PM

CES Family Engagement Survey

Family Engagement is centered on connecting families to student learning by sharing data, providing strategies to support learning at home, and providing opportunities for two-way communication.

4-H Clubs for 4th and 5th Grade Students

The 4th graders had their first 4-H session today and were very eager to participate in our school club.

The students were also excited about these other 4-H opportunities.  If you are interested in learning more about any of these 4-H programs, please call the Amherst Extension Office 946-9365, or email Kevin Irvin kirvin@vt.edu, or complete the attached form and mail to Amherst County 4-H, P.O. Box 580, Amherst, Virginia, 24521.


To celebrate Septemeber as ATTENDANCE AWARENESS MONTH we are celebrating each day with a different spirit week activity.

Monday, Sept. 5

Stay away from taking vacations during school” Enjoy your holiday away from school!


Tuesday, Sept. 6

"Tacky is okay when you're tight on time" Wear tacky tights (or socks).

Wednesday, Sept. 7


Changes to student transportation will no longer be accepted over the phone. (See the release information below that was sent home by all students during registration).  All changes must be in writing.  This can be done in your child's agenda or you may send an email to our school secretary:  Allicia Wells-Reichards. Her email is awellsreichard@amherst.k12.va.us.  Mrs. Wells-Reichard will ALWAYS respond to your email so you know she have recieved it.

Arrival & Dismissal Meetings

The CES students safety and communication with parents is very important to all of us.  When you speak to your child's teacher, I want you to have their undivided attention. Morning arrival and afternoon dismissal is a difficult time for the teacher to be able to devote themselves to discussing your needs and concerns. Student supervision is their main goal during those times.


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